2023 Vendors

  • Celtic Tide
  • House of Douglas Bakery
  • Bockemuehl Jewelry
  • St Kilda
  • A Wee Scottish Shop
  • Tartan Wholly

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Eastern North Carolina has had many influences that have shaped the culture that we enjoy. Among those is immigration of people from the islands and Highlands of Scotland, with many of the current inhabitants and place names being of that Scottish heritage. Highland games are gatherings that celebrate Scottish culture and include athletics, music and dancing. The formation of The Crystal Coast Highland Games is a chance to gather and celebrate ancient roots and local culture. Gallant Channel Park, located in Beaufort, is the site selected for these Highland games scheduled for October 22, 2022 Sponsorship of The Crystal Coast Highland Games will expose your company to people from our local area but from the larger region. Your sponsorship will be used directly to pay for expenses related to hosting these Highland Games, which will include paying for top professional Scottish Heavy Athletics, professional Scottish music acts, and general expenses to run the event. No money is paid to those who run and direct The Crystal Coast Highland Games, with all sponsorship and ticket proceeds going to underwrite expenses for the event.

Be a part of The Crystal Coast Highland Games to ensure your place in the history of something great in the making. Fill out the form to reserve your space!

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